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Welcome to LinkWise Software!

PicViewPlus is a shareware picture file display program that offers you unequaled capabilities. While there are literally dozens of similar "slide show" programs available, no other program gives you such a wide range of features combined with ease of use.

PicViewPlus achieves its ease of use by concentrating on features that you want when displaying a set of picture files. By design, it omits complicated and confusing features associated with picture editing, such as "red eye" adjustment, as these editing tasks are best handled by commercial picture editing programs (such as Adobe Photoshop Elements). Instead, its full emphasis is on giving you the all the features you need to maximize your picture viewing enjoyment.

Who is this for?
This program is ideal for you if you

  • want a full capability picture viewing program that's easy to use
  • want to get the maximum value out of each picture you have
  • have dozens of digital pictues, from a scanner or digital camera
  • have a computer running Windows 98 or later operating system
  • are at least somewhat familiar with running computer software
  • are somewhat familiar with the terms pan and zoom

If you've been waiting for the right picture viewing software at the right price before you digitized your old photo albums, your wait is over! Check out the feature list and see if you don't agree that no other picture viewing program offers you as much as PicViewPlus.

What's New

March, 2005
The full evaluations/reviews now have something new. After the evaluation summary, there is now a heading titled "Other Reviews". At this time, only reviews and CNET User Reviews are referenced. If I find more reviews, I'll add links to them.

February, 2005
Quite a few of the picture display programs had updates during the past year. Those that did are summarized below. In addition, the text within the summaries was better organized so that key information could be more easily located.

Program Reviews Updated:

New Program Reviews:

January, 2005
A large number of updates were made, some major, some minor. For the full list, click here. The following list summarizes the updates (click on each to get more information):

Major updates

Minor updates

April, 2004
Minor edits were made to the program competition comparisons page. Also, two new programs were added there:

  • Microsoft's Photo Story
  • Picture Viewer .EXE

March, 2004
Version 1.1 is now available, replacing version 1.0. It contains 10 enhancements and three bug fixes. Click here for details. If you have purchased version 1.0, simply use your existing activation code with this new version.


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